Dr Kasturi Moodley

Dr Kasturi Moodley, M.B.CH.B. (SA), F.C.O.G (SA)

An essential initiator of the proposed fertility clinic is Dr K Moodley, she has always had an affinity for gynecology and obstetrics and has been in private practice for the last 10 years concentrating on infertility management, high risk obstetrics and gynecological surgery. She has consulted and lectured at Endendale hospital, setting up and implementing protocols and chairing the committee for morbidity and mortality.

Dr Koranteng.

Dr Sampson Ampofo Koranteng, M.B.CH.B. (Ghana) F.C.O.G (SA)

One of the initiators of the proposed fertility clinic is Dr. SA Koranteng, a director of the Gynecological Management Group of South Africa, he lectured and consulted at King Edward hospital, managed the Obstetrics department at greys hospital and has over 30 years’ experience in private practice.

Dr Dhavraj

Dr Kesevan Dhavaraj, M.B.CH.B., F.C.O.G (SA)

A key initiator of the proposed fertility clinic is Dr. K Dhavaraj, an executive member of the Indian Businessman’s forum, he has successfully been in private practice as a specialist gynecologist and obstetrician for over 34 years and has worked as an examiner at Northdale hospital, the registrar at King Edward hospital and as a consultant at Endendale Hospital, in addition he does voluntary gynecological consulting and surgery in India.


Ms Stacey Leigh Wilson, BTech Clinical Technology (DUT)

A driving force and the original initiator of Pietermaritzburg Fertility Clinic is Ms. SL Wilson, a Clinical Technologist specializing in Private Practice Reproductive Biology. Since graduation she has worked in Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) laboratories from setting up and implementing policies to developing and running procedures as well as had a publication in an international journal.

Her experience in both private and government facilities is invaluable to the operation and maintenance of the entire laboratory.